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History of Resurgam Angus

Sean Brosnahan was raised in the Bay of Plenty at Ohope Beach where his parents, John and Ria, have farmed 530 acres for 42 years. Sean went into partnership with his parents around 10 years ago with the goal of building an Angus stud. John and Ria have always been into diversification on their farm and a manuka sawdust business was started in the late 70’s to complement land development as well as increase revenue. The farm was originally bought in 1953 by John’s father Bernard Brosnahan.

A Story of a True Stockman

Bernard John BJ Brosnahan was born 30th October 1907 and grew up in Kaiti, Gisborne. Young Bernard was educated by his eldest sister Nell through the school on the farm. Bernard in his late teens went shepherding on Murphy’s Station (sheep and cattle) and worked on other well known stations on the Coast and Gisborne area. BJ had a natural affinity for farm dogs and had many successful Dog Trial dogs. BJ played polo for Gisborne B team. He was a fine horseman and won prizes for jumping his horses at the local annual shows.

BJ became an expert at handling stock and on many occasions drove mobs of cattle all the way from Gisborne for sale in the Waikato. In some areas he travelled along the coastal beaches, sleeping under the stars, his saddle for a headrest and his well-trained dogs guarding the mob from straying.

The family farm at ‘Wainui’ was situated on the route from Opotiki to Whakatane, overlooking the Ohiwa Harbour. It was previously owned by Mr. White and his sister Miss White. BJ had often looked up at the Wainui Farm and thought to himself “that is a farm I would like to own, it has the hills and the flats, facing the sun”. Many years later BJ was able to buy this farm which has become the home of Resurgam Angus.

“From the moment two-year old Sean Brosnahan stood with a gigantic herd sire cornered in a pen at his uncle’s farm, a cattleman’s legend was created. Much to the obvious chagrin of his fearful family, Sean boldly let none of his inexperience in stockmanship stop him from leading his father’s cattle to their greener pastures. By the time he could fit the gumboots he initially floundered in, his experience, belief and love for cattle shone. Graduating with farm management at university saw the young, eager, eldest son of ten burst onto New Zealand farming. A third generation New Zealand stockman, Sean has become a nationally recognized and successful stock agent and auctioneer.”

As written by Dominic Brosnahan January 2007

Early Angus Cattle at Resurgam

Sean introduced Angus cattle to the family farm in 1996. He became interested in the Angus breed through his livestock role with AFFCO. Six heifers were purchased at a bull sale from the Maunu and Taurikura herds. Other cows from different herds (Parakowhai, Waihihi, Taurikura, Ruru) were added over the next couple of years and thus began the Resurgam Angus herd.

The herd grew over the next 10 years with a breeding programme aimed at preserving the pure Scottish genetics known as Pure NZ Angus. The programme has a commitment to producing low birth-weight, strong maternal, cost efficiency performance cattle that are easy fleshing and require minimum maintenance while working in a grass (forage) based environment.

Why Pure NZ Angus Beef?

Pure New Zealand Angus beef consistently achieves more desirable results in carcass quality determinants such as marbling, fat depth, fat colour, meat colour and pH, assuring a tastier and more tender product. Pure New Zealand Angus steers can be finished at weights to suit all markets without losing high quality carcass composition. Pure New Zealand Angus being grass fed has a higher meat nutritional value due to the levels omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids being considerable higher.