Foundation Sires

Waiwera Zeus I474

I474 was the first sire purchased from the great Waiwera herd based up in the Motu. I474’s dam line is all founded on Puketutu blood and has the great Baker 631 bloodline. The dam of I474 also had 11 progeny.

Waimata Blu-print G436

Waimata Blu-print G436 was selected to add female strength to Resurgam through the great Ramble bloodline. G436 is doubly bred to Ramble. His son Resurgam Blu-print P215 out of the Kenhardt E1420 cow has been used within the herd

Waimata E230

Waimata E230 combines exceptional performance, muscle and fleshing ability with added scotal size and gentle disposition. He can be traced 32 times paternally and 27 times maternally back to the original Scottish roots. As a proven sire, he was used extensively in the Waitawheta herd, New Zealand, through AI in Australia and AI in Schaff Angus Valley in USA. Waimata Angus repurchased Waimata E230 as an aged sire.

The sire lineage of Waimata E230 combines the Waimata, Kaharau, Turihaua and Mangatoro Angus programs. He traces back to Mulben Embassy the legendary Scottish Import who was undefeated Grand Champion bull over all breeds in each of his four show appearances in Hawkes Bay. Embassy lived to nearly 14 years old and left countless dominant descendants in both NZ and Australia.

The dam Waimata H920 of Waimata E230, lived to 15 years old and she was sired by Hingaia 469AB the greatest bull produced in the Hingaia Angus herds long history. Hingaia 469 was used extensively in many programs throughout NZ and Australia.

Mainstream Mate 301ET

Mainstream Mate 301ET a wide based Pure New Zealand sire with muscle mass and capacity second to none. His dam Matauri I831 is the most dominant cow to date in the modern day Pure NZ gene pool. Matauri I831 was a very productive donor with exceptional milk and udder quality. Mate 301ET is a half brother to the highly successful sire Matauri Stockman 526, still in service today as a rising 12yrs old. We are very pleased with the progeny coming through by Mate, both female and male. They are moderate framed cattle with easy fleshing ability and fat cover. Mate is owned in conjunction with Waimata Angus

Pinebank Waigroup 41/97

Pinebank Waigroup 41/97 has a mature weight on pasture of 1195 kgs and a frame score of 5.1. 41/97 has an exceptional temperament and is an extremely sound footed bull with good leg structure. 41/97 has a 46 centimetre scrotal circumference. Both 41/97 dam and grand dam had 11 calves as well as both producing 5 herd sires to date. 41/97 is a 10 year old bull still working in steep country. 41/97 also has a very tightly knit pedigree. 41/97 is adding thickness, depth, with volume and compactness of carcase.

Why Pure NZ Angus Beef?

Pure New Zealand Angus beef consistently achieves more desirable results in carcass quality determinants such as marbling, fat depth, fat colour, meat colour and pH, assuring a tastier and more tender product. Pure New Zealand Angus steers can be finished at weights to suit all markets without losing high quality carcass composition. Pure New Zealand Angus being grass fed has a higher meat nutritional value due to the levels omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids being considerable higher.