Waimata K1167  is a Waimata Buck 862 daughter  who was a long bodied productive cow with great udder quality. She has reared a top calf each year. Waimata K1167 was the most productive cow we purchased from Waimata Angus in Gisborne. She left us 2 sire Resurgam Aspiration R232 which set up the Craigievar line and Resurgam Inspiration which set up the Inspriation line. Resurgam Bianca U467 is a grand daughter.


Resurgam Blossom U472 is sired by Resurgam Aspiration R232 out of Waitawheta 418. U472 is by Waiwera Zeus I474


Waiterenui Embelypta 528 is amongst the most productive daughters of Zulu 689 of Waimata. Embelypta 528 has the great Wharekowka Mate in her dam line. Embelypta 528 is a cow with exceptional capacity, reliability and soundness. Embelypta one of the last Pure NZ cows to come out the Waiterenui herd.


Resurgam Evita  U448 typifies the Evita family, moderate deep bodied with good toplines. Resurgam Evita T384 probably the best cow in our herd. 





Waiwera J635 was purchased from Waiwera Angus, Motu, in Gisborne. A moderate easy keeping line that  

Souvenir D1350

This family came from Kenhardt Angus and started with 2 full sister D1350 of Kenhardt and E1420 of Kenhardt, both donor dams. they were the best Pure NZ cow family from Kenhardt. D1350 of Kenhardt was the dam of Resurgam Waiotane S263 and 2 females Resurgam Souvenir S255 and Resurgam Souvenir S264.

Souvenir E1420 of Kenhardt

E1420 of Kenhardt was the dam of Resurgam Blu-print P215 and Resurgam Mahuta S260 as well as 2 females Resurgam Souvenir S256 and Resurgam Souvenir S262.


Waimata K1147 is the dam of Resurgam Blu-print T368, Resurgam Mahuta X582 and Resurgam Mahuta Y779. K1147 was the most direct link to Matai 546 in pedigree and typifies that quality of Matai cows that we found on our first visit to Waimata Angus.

Why Pure NZ Angus Beef?

Pure New Zealand Angus beef consistently achieves more desirable results in carcass quality determinants such as marbling, fat depth, fat colour, meat colour and pH, assuring a tastier and more tender product. Pure New Zealand Angus steers can be finished at weights to suit all markets without losing high quality carcass composition. Pure New Zealand Angus being grass fed has a higher meat nutritional value due to the levels omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids being considerable higher.