The Angus Breeding Cow

The Pure New Zealand Angus cows have the known ability to get in calf quickly, to calve without assistance, wean a good calf and get back in calf.

The Pure New Zealand Angus cow while rearing or carrying a calf is capable of withstanding periods of feed shortage and regains lost condition quite rapidly once the feed deficit is remedied.

The Pure New Zealand Angus cows produce fast finishing progeny.

The Pure New Zealand Angus cows can be run in large scale commercial herds under commercial conditions. They do not need to be pampered.

The Pure New Zealand Angus cow is a good forager and is known for its longevity and consistent production.

The modern Pure New Zealand Angus cow has had 144 years to evolve into producing high quality beef from poorer quality grasses and has the built in ability to withstand harsher environment.

Our Advantage

The Pure New Zealand Angus cattle were first introduced to New Zealand in 1863 being developed over the 144 years since and are well suited to New Zealand’s farming.

The Pure New Zealand Angus cattle thrive on green grass, yet have the resilience to cope with feed shortages and to recover quickly from drought and harsh winter conditions.

The modern Pure New Zealand Angus bull is an easy calving, high growth rate sire capable of producing progeny meeting market requirements.

Angus calves grow rapidly and efficiently on pasture, reaching heavy weights when about eight months of age.

The New Zealand Angus Association inspection system for animals transferred ensures that pedigree breeding stock are free from structural defects.

Pure NZ Angus Beef

Pure New Zealand Angus beef consistently achieves more desirable results in carcass quality determinants such as marbling, fat depth, fat colour, meat colour and pH, assuring a tastier and more tender product. Pure New Zealand Angus steers can be finished at weights to suit all markets without losing high quality carcass composition. Pure New Zealand Angus being grass fed has a higher meat nutritional value due to the levels omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids being considerable higher.